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At our office, we use the innovative TRS-5100 and the OPD-Scan III Wavefront system. Together they create the XFRACTION℠ process. These remarkable instruments use the most advanced digital technology available to help us better evaluate your unique needs and provide you with the best possible vision. Far more than just a refractive examination, these instruments gives us a comprehensive understanding of your complete visual system and optical pathway.

Using information from combination of the TRS-5100 and OPD-Scan III Wavefront system, we can make better recommendations to help you see better in all types of settings:

  • Trouble with excessive glare and less than optimal vision when driving at night?  Our Xfraction process can help.

  • Feel like you just aren’t seeing your best with your latest pair of glasses?  Our eye exam using the Xfraction process can tell you why.

  • Think cataracts are impacting your vision?  The Xfraction process can show you if you’re right.

We are thrilled to offer the best technology and care for our patients. Our job is to make your vision as close to perfect as we can and the combination of the TRS-5100 and OPD-Scan III helps us achieve that.

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